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Pulsar Onboards Edelgas for Topaz Project

JAN 2023

Pulsar Inc, a helium exploration company, has signed a services agreement with global gas advisory firm Edelgas Group Inc for commercialization of its Minnesota-based, Topaz helium project.  
Support services from Edelgas will include advice on facilities, storage, distribution, pricing strategy and portfolio management.  
Thomas Abraham-James, President & CEO of Pulsar, commented that “The experience and support provided by Edelgas across the full supply chain will play an important role in accelerating and optimizing our Topaz helium project. We look forward to working with Edelgas and our new shareholders as we develop this exciting project". 
Bo Sears, Director of Edelgas Group said, "Having reviewed most of the projects in North America, we're excited to play our part in Pulsar’s Topaz helium project, a frontier helium play that could dramatically change the helium supply landscape in the near-term. Our team will draw on all of its experience and skills to develop this project and bring this valuable helium to market.”
Edelgas Group is a full-service industrial and specialty gases advisory firm. With over 80 years of combined experience, Edelgas advises on upstream, operations, marketing, contractual, pricing, and data analytics for helium, hydrogen, CO2 and rare gas projects.
For more information contact Bo Sears at Edelgas Group.

Accessible Expertise 

With over 80 years experience, Edelgas has the breadth and depth of expertise to meet your requirements.

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